How do I enter?

For every $5 spent on www.NAILSENTIALS.com, you will automatically receive one (1) entry into the NAILSENTIALS IPAD PRO GIVEAWAY Sweepstakes.

When you successfully place your order on our website, you have automatically have created customer profile (by entering your first name, last name, State of residence, a valid email address, date of birth, and telephone number including area code). By doing so, you have entered the Sweepstakes. 


When will my order ship?

This is a PRE-ORDER. Please allow 4-6 weeks (overestimate) after our sweepstakes period ends (July 21st)  for orders to begin shipping out. We respectfully ask our customers to expect some shipping delays during Sweepstakes periods, as we receive a huge influx of orders during this time. We have a small but mighty team of 3 and will be fulfilling orders as quickly and safely as possible :) 


Why pre-orders? 

We are a small and growing company, and we have been delighted by the overwhelming support we've received from our valued customers. However, due to this tremendous demand, we regrettably encountered a situation where some customers were unable to access our products, leading to understandable dissatisfaction. To address this concern and ensure a positive experience for everyone, we have developed an innovative solution that allows each and every individual to seize the opportunity to enjoy our full range of products. Rest assured, our goal is to prioritize customer satisfaction! <3


How many entries do I have towards the giveaway?

The entries your order has rewarded you is located near the bottom in your email confirmation. If you do not see this number, you can divide your subtotal by 5 to view how many entries you have received. Please note that for every $5 spent on merchandise, you will receive one (1) entry. 


Can I get a return/refund/cancel on my order?

Due to the nature of Sweepstakes we CANNOT accept returns/refunds/cancel any orders during/after Sweepstakes periods.